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Arizona Accident Statistics

Vehicle accidents occur every day all over the country, and drivers of every state should know the unique risks they face on the road, their state’s laws regarding car accidents, and their obligations as drivers. Arizona residents should know a few key statistics regarding accidents on Arizona roads, where they happen, and the aftermath of these incidents.

Key Findings From the Arizona Department of Transportation

According to the 2017 Crash Facts report from the Arizona Department of Transportation (DoT), there were more than 127,000 motor vehicle accidents in Arizona during 2017. Of those accidents, 919 resulted in fatalities and nearly 38,000 resulted in bodily injury. About 88,000 only resulted in property damage. Alcohol was a factor in 286 of the fatal accidents in 2017 and 4,854 of the total accidents for the year.

The most common type of accident in Arizona in 2017 was rear-end collisions, in which a driver strikes another vehicle from behind. The total economic cost of motor vehicle crashes in Arizona for 2017 was more than $10 billion for fatalities, injuries, and property damage combined.

The most commonly cited cause of car accidents in Phoenix, Arizona for 2017 was “speeding too fast for conditions.” The phrase “too fast for conditions” is a very important distinction that drivers should understand. Just because a road’s speed limit says 55mph does not mean it will always be safe to travel 55mph on that stretch of road. Roadside construction, nearby accidents, inclement weather, and poor visibility could demand more of a driver’s attention and require extra caution. A police officer may conduct a traffic stop for driving too fast for conditions.

Data Trends for Arizona Accidents

Unfortunately, the total number of accidents and number of fatal accidents in Arizona have continued upward trends for several years. In 2013, the total number of crashes in Arizona was 107,575 with 782 fatal accidents. Although the number of fatal accidents slightly decreased to 709 in 2014, it sharply rose again with 811 in 2015, 856 in 2016, and 919 in 2017. The number of injury-causing accidents slightly decreased from 38,634 in 2016 to 37,823 in 2017.

When it comes to the statistically most dangerous times for accidents, Arizona trends generally reflect the rest of the country with notable increases in accidents at night, on weekends, and around holidays. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day are a few of the most dangerous days for road travel according to Arizona DOT findings.

The vast majority of 2017 crashes in Arizona occurred in Maricopa County with 93,596 of the state’s total 127,064 accidents for the year. The second highest rate of accidents was in Pima County, which reported 11,707 accidents in 2017 by comparison.

Pedestrian Fatalities

The Governor’s Highway Safety Administration recently released a report finding that Arizona had the highest rate of fatal pedestrian accidents in country for 2017 at a rate of 1.61 per 100,000 people. This is more than double the national average of .8 per 100,000 making Arizona the statistically most dangerous state for pedestrians.

All pedestrians should exercise caution and common sense while walking on Arizona streets. This means only crossing at designated crosswalks when it is safe to do so, refraining from wearing headphones that can obstruct hearing, and walking on sidewalks wherever possible.

Ultimately, every state has unique issues when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian safety, and traffic. Drivers can help prevent serious accidents by driving defensively and avoiding unsafe practices like cutting other drivers off, driving under the influence of alcohol, and speeding. Pedestrians should be aware of their surroundings at all times to avoid severe injuries from nearby motorists. When traffic collisions do happen, injured parties should seek medical treatment and then contact reliable Phoenix injury lawyers to determine their best options for recovery.

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