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What are Fifth Degree Burns?

Symptoms of a Fifth Degree Burn All burns are dangerous and can lead to further injury, but fifth degree burns can be catastrophic. Fifth degree burns result in all the skin and most of the muscle layer and ligaments in the area burned away. It is not uncommon to see charred bone in a fifth-degree […]

Am I Liable if I Hit a Pedestrian on Maricopa Freeway?

Most drivers no to be cautious of pedestrians in urban areas. Runners, bikers, and anyone attempting to walk toward a destination – all these parties are at possible risk if they do not follow proper rules of the road, and it is up to both pedestrians and motorists to prevent accidents. Not as many drivers […]

What If I Was Sexually Harassed on ASU’s Campus?

Sexual harassment and assault are horrible experiences for victims. Due to social stigma, many who experience these acts feel pressured to keep the incidents private and do not seek help. A victim of sexual harassment may fear that others won’t believe that the incident occurred or that the harasser may try to retaliate. Though college […]

3 Worst Insurance Companies for Paying Out Claims

The purpose of holding an insurance policy is so that, should a situation arise where you need financial help for medical, property, or other damages, you can get it. Beyond damages you suffer yourself, insurance also helps cover damages to others, such as injuries in an automobile accident. While insurance premiums may be high, there’s […]

Arizona Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Motorcycles provide a great form of transport, and their popularity has been increasing over the past several years. However, motorcyclists also face a great number of risks while on the road. Due to the smaller size and mobility of motor bikes, other motorists can easily overlook motorcycles, leading to tragic accidents. In fact, Phoenix is […]

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