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JPMA Certified Baby Products

Parents are naturally very cautious about the products they buy for their babies. The safety of your child is your primary concern in the choice of any product. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is the federal agency tasked with developing safety standards, conducting research into dangerous products, and issuing recalls of products […]

Arizona Texting and Driving Laws

Public service efforts in recent years have made large strides towards informing and educating the public on the dangers of distracted driving. Drivers are more likely to be in an accident, and accidents are more likely to be serious when drivers are distracted by texting while driving. Despite this fact, many drivers still give into […]

How Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

Winning your personal injury case can often present a battle against insurmountable odds. Large insurance companies, corporations with access to teams of attorneys, and the legal loopholes built into every contract and insurance policy seem to stack the field against the personal injury victim at every step. Winning requires the help of experienced attorneys guiding […]

Wrong Way Drivers in Phoenix

The Phoenix area has witnessed a staggering number of wrong-way accidents in recent years. A “wrong way” accident occurs when a driver travels down the wrong side of the road. This is incredibly dangerous for obvious reasons, and wrong way accidents have caused many injuries, significant property damage, and some fatalities. Wrong way accidents claim […]

4 Things Car Insurance Companies Do to Fight Car Insurance Claims

When a person purchases an insurance policy, the policy is effectively a paid promise that the insurance company will cover the extent of the policy as long as the policyholder continues to make premium payments on the policy. Insurance companies have a legal obligation to process claims against insurance policies in good faith, meaning they […]

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