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Phoenix Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice is among the top three leading causes of death in the United States — just after heart disease and cancer. That’s a pretty frightening statistic. But aside from the hype about the number of malpractice law suits in the nation, very few medical errors result in compensation awards to the victims. In fact, very few are ever reported.

In excess of 3 billion was paid out on malpractice claims in 2012, but that represented only a minuscule percentage of the cases of irreparable health damage and wrongful death at the hands of negligent doctors and hospitals. Don't be part of the percentage that gets overlooked. If your injury is a direct result of an emergency room mistake, surgical error, or any negligent behavior, call our Phoenix medical malpractice lawyers today to discuss the details of your medical malpractice case.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice in Arizona, also called medical negligence, is when a doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider fails to provide the standard of care expected of any reasonably competent member of the Arizona medical professional community in the same specialty, when providing treatment to a similar patient in similar circumstances, and causes the patient to suffer an injury or death. It can be an act of commission—doing something that causes the injury, or omission—failing to perform some test, treatment, or type of care that should have been provided. When medical professionals can be proven to have breached this standard of care, he or she may be held liable for medical malpractice, and the injured patient or bereaved family may be able to receive monetary compensation for damages to their finances, emotional well being, and quality of life.

Arizona Accident Lawyer

Wrongful Death & Life-Changing Disabilities

Knapp & Roberts has been helping the seriously injured and surviving family members for more than 20 years. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers are dedicated solely to representing people who have experienced a catastrophic injury or wrongful death of a family member caused by the negligence of others. Our Arizona accident attorneys are proud to help our clients restore their future. Knapp & Roberts has successfully brought cases against major corporations, employers, state agencies, hospitals, doctors, nurses, trucking companies, and other wrongdoers.

At our Phoenix, Arizona personal injury law firm, you will receive personal attention at every stage of your case. We take each case very seriously and defense counsel, along with the insurance company, takes us seriously. As a client, there is no out-of pocket cost to you. We assume all the financial risk and are paid ONLY if we win your case. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers are committed to representing you with the dedication, passion, and financial resources necessary toachieve the results you deserve.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

Wrongly diagnosing or entirely missing a diagnosis of a serious medical condition or disease

Failing to provide proper treatment for a medical condition or disease

Causing a delay in treating a diagnosed medical condition, resulting in the worsening of the condition

What to Do If Your Doctor Has Made You Sicker—or Worse

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a careless, negligent, or incompetent doctor, you naturally want to see that justice is done. That means that you and your family are adequately compensated for your damages, and a Phoenix medical malpractice attorney can help.

But perhaps just as important, by holding healthcare providers accountable for their failure to live up to their moral and legal responsibility— to avoid doing harm, to provide appropriate medical treatment, and to deliver the standard of care that is accepted by the Arizona medical professional community— you are doing your part to prevent future occurrences of negligent and dangerous medical treatment.

Hold Incompetent Medical Professionals Accountable

At the law firm of Knapp & Roberts, our Phoenix medical malpractice attorneys believe that everyone has the right to quality medical care. We know that doctors aren’t magicians and can’t cure every disease in every case. But what they can do is work diligently to arrive at a proper diagnosis using the many tools available in modern medicine and to take care to keep their skills sharply honed, their medical knowledge up to date, and their attention focused on the patient’s needs and condition at all times—before, during, and after a medical procedure, with meticulous care.

Knapp & Roberts is a Phoenix medical malpractice law firm dedicated to improving the quality of medical professional care in Arizona by holding healthcare providers accountable for the quality of their treatment, and to achieving justice for patients who have been victims of medical negligence and incompetence.

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If you or a loved one has suffered from medical negligence or medical wrongful death, we want to hear your story. Contact us to speak with a seasoned malpractice attorney in Phoenix to learn if you have a valid medical malpractice case. Some of the medical malpractice cases Knapp & Roberts represents include: anesthesia errors, hospital malpractice or surgical errors

If you choose to bring us on board to represent you, we will investigate your claim, call upon medical experts to identify the error and how it deviated from the standard of care recognized by Arizona’s medical professional community, and work tirelessly to win a settlement or jury verdict that adequately reflects the full range of your damages. Not only is the initial consultation free, you will pay us absolutely nothing at all unless we obtain an award of money for you. Contact our Phoenix medical malpractice attorneys today for a free consultation for your medical malpractice claim.


We hold big insurance companies and large corporations accountable.

Help change the system or situation that caused this tragedy.

Change the system or situation that caused this tragedy. Especially when the case involves a death or permanent injury. This can happen from medical malpractice, defective or dangerous products, nursing home neglect, auto accidents. You can be a force in assuring this will not happen to others. Every member of our legal is focused on attaining justice for each client and using each legal victory to bring about larger societal changes. Ultimately, our cases have saved countless lives, made vehicles, long-term care facilities, group home, and hospitals safer. We hold big insurance companies and large corporation accountable.

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Obtain the compensation necessary for the injuries and losses you have suffered.
If a loved one is facing lifelong disability or if your family is facing the emotional and financial loss of a family member contact our law firm.

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