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Phoenix Automobile Defects Attorney

When a car accident, motorcycle crash, or truck accident causes you or a loved one to suffer serious injuries, or causes a loved one to die, you deserve answers. Many factors can lead to a crash and to the extent of the injuries. A Phoenix automobile defects attorney at Knapp & Roberts can help you uncover those factors and pursue full accountability for the negligence that has led to your suffering. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers have a history of helping people suffering from catastrophic injuries recover the full compensation they are entitled. If an automobile defect caused or contributed to the accident or to the severity of your injuries, we will expose the defect and tell your story of how the accident has affected you and your family.

If an automobile defect caused the motor vehicle accident or contributed to the seriousness of your injuries, the automobile manufacturer may be held financially responsible for your injuries or loss. A Phoenix automobile defects attorney at Knapp & Roberts is dedicated to answering the following questions about your case.

Questions About Common Automobile Defects in Phoenix

  • Did defective tires cause a tire blowout?
  • Did a defective airbag cause airbag burns, eye injuries, or other airbag injuries?
  • Did a defective seatbelt come unlatched during the crash?
  • Did defective brakes fail to operate?
  • Did a defective accelerator/sticky accelerator cause the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably?
  • Did an inadequate roof structure cause the roof to crush in a rollover crash?

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling Phoenix product liability claims and know what it takes to investigate and expose negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of automobile defects, talk to a compassionate and experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer at our law firm.

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The personal injury attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona at Knapp & Roberts have the compassion and trial lawyer skills to tell your story to a jury. We will get to know you and your family so that we can help the jury understand what has happened to you and your family and how it has changed your lives. Obtain the compensation necessary for the injuries and losses you have suffered.