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Phoenix Increases Bicycle Safety Efforts

It’s one of the best times of year to be in Phoenix. The weather is beautiful and many Phoenicians will head outside to ride bikes. Regardless of how old the rider is or how long the distance is you’re riding, there are certain safety risks that come with riding a bike. It is extremely important to understand Phoenix bicycle safety since it can prevent devastating accidents. For example, in the past five years, there have been an average of about 450 bicycle accident per year, according to the city of Phoenix. In 2013 alone, the City of Phoenix reported that there were 485 collisions causing 417 injuries and 10 deaths.

Of these collisions:

  • 74% occurred at or within 150 feet of an intersection
  • 76% of the collisions that did not occur at an intersection, happened on a major road, known as an arterial street
  • 19% of bicyclists involved in these collisions were below the age of 18
  • 34% of bicyclists had been riding against traffic when the collision took place
  • 20% of bicyclists had been riding with traffic when the collision took place
  • 40% of bicyclists were crossing a road when the collision occurred

These statistics are part of the reason why Proposition 104 passed in August 2015. This proposition improved light rail service, road maintenance, implemented 1,080 miles of new bicycle lanes, and placed dozens of signs around Phoenix warning bicyclists to ride with traffic in an effort to reduce collisions. Although Phoenix encourages bicyclists to ride with traffic, it is not a law in Phoenix. Lawmakers recognize that there are instances where it may be safer to ride against traffic, but they hope the campaign encourages bikers to consider safety while riding.

What’s the #1 bicycle safety tip you should consider while riding a bike? Wear a helmet.

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