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What Determines Slip and Fall Settlements in Arizona?

Getting injured because of a slip and fall can be devastating. Whether it is from an icy sidewalk or a wet supermarket floor, these types of accidents can usually be avoided by the establishment following premises liability laws. If a property owner forgoes their responsibility –  you may be entitled to compensation for your slip and fall injuries.

Arizona premises liability law states that the property owner is responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe environment – this includes homeowners, public store owners, and even renters (non-owner residents). By inviting people to the property, whether through an actual invitation (usually homeowners) or by being open to the public (usually business owners), the owner is assuring the guests that the property has been made safe.

If you find yourself as a victim of a slip and fall injury, it’s important to know what compensation you’re entitled to before you agree on a settlement. Hiring an experience Phoenix slip and fall attorney is always the best way to make sure you are adequately represented in court, but going in with a clear understanding of the settlement process is also important.

Medical Bills

Every settlement calculation typically begins with the amount of your medical bills, since they are easier to pinpoint and assign an actual dollar amount to. Medical bill calculation considers bills that have already been accrued, plus any future bills that may be accrued because of the injury (such as future surgeries or physical therapy). Hospital and doctor’s fees can quickly pile up, which is why it’s important to determine a course of action as soon as possible to get the compensation you need.

Lost Wages

Lost income is another aspect of slip and fall settlements that is typically easy to calculate. If your injury caused you to miss work without pay, the settlement should include compensation for those wages. If your injury is life changing and prevents you from returning to your career, the jury should take into consideration the cost of job training and compensation if your new careers earns you far less than what you are used to.

Pain and Suffering

Although more subjective than medical bills or lost wages, pain and suffering is a legitimate factor of slip and fall settlements. The amount awarded for pain and suffering is determined by a jury and what they deem an appropriate amount for the plaintiff. For example, if the injured person suffers severe depression because of the injuries sustained from the accident, they would be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

Each slip and fall settlement is different. Although there are several aspects to consider when determining a settlement amount, the three listed above are common among most cases. Consulting a qualified injury lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona is always the best first step in determining your potential compensation.

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