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What If I’m Injured on a Bird Scooter?

Bird scooters are the latest trend on the streets of California, Arizona, and other locations where the company, Bird, has decided to launch. Bird scooters are rentable electric scooters that use programs similar to bike sharing. At first glance, Bird scooters might seem like a low-cost way to go a few extra miles around town. In reality, however, they have already been the cause of several injuries, criminal complaints, and civil lawsuits. Here’s what to do if you suffer injuries because of a Bird scooter.

Stay Where You Are and Report the Accident

If you’re in a safe location, stay at the scene of the accident while you call 911 to report what happened or to request an ambulance. Report your Bird scooter accident to police if it involved a collision with another vehicle, injuries, or property damage greater than $1,000. If you crashed into someone else (such as a pedestrian) while on your scooter, remain on the scene until it is okay to leave. Otherwise, you could get into legal trouble for fleeing the scene.

Give the reporting officer your description of what happened. Write down the details for yourself if you don’t need to contact law enforcement. Describe how your injuries occurred, where you were at the time, and if the incident involved anyone else or any witnesses. The sooner you get your side of the story on paper, the more accurate your account will be. If you have any injuries, go to the hospital right away for treatment. Keep copies of your medical bills and records.

Discuss Your Accident with a Lawyer

A lawyer may take your case at no charge – only making you pay attorney’s fees if the lawyer wins, and then out of the earned compensation award or settlement. Hiring a lawyer can give you the advantage of evening the playing field between yourself and Bird, a successful company with plenty of resources to pour into fighting personal injury claims. Even if you decide not to retain an attorney, contact one for a free consultation. A discussion with a lawyer can open your eyes to your rights and options.

Bird has a rental agreement that may shield it from liability in some situations. When a rider rents a Bird electric scooter, he or she automatically agrees to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Part of the agreement states, “By choosing to ride a Vehicle, Rider assumes all responsibilities and risks for injuries or medical conditions.” While this clause can protect the company from liability for some scooter accidents, it does not strip a rider of all legal rights.

The scooter rental company could still be responsible for a rider’s damages if Bird caused or contributed to the incident through some act of negligence. For example, Bird might be liable if it rented out a scooter that was in poor repair and the scooter’s wheel came off during a ride, injuring the rider. In this case, the rider could argue that Bird should have known about the dangerous condition and remedied it before the accident occurred. A trial lawyer in Phoenix can help you explore your rights.

Is Bird Liable for Your Accident?

After an injury on a Bird scooter, you may have grounds for a case against Bird, another vehicle driver, a pedestrian, a part manufacturer, the City of Phoenix, and/or another party depending on the circumstances. If the scooter company could have prevented your accident through due diligence and care, the company might be liable. Another party might owe you compensation, however, for scooter accidents stemming from a defective roadway, negligent driver, or malfunctioning scooter part. In Arizona, it may take a review from a Phoenix personal injury lawyer to understand who might have to pay for your damages after a Bird scooter accident.

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