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7 Tips for Bicycle Safety

You’ll see them all too often this time of year in Phoenix: bicycle accidents. With the weather so nice, more and more people make their way outdoors to hike, bike, jog, and more, but activities such as these come with some risk. This is especially true for bicyclists. Some roads have bike lanes and others do not, but the risks are there regardless. In 2012, 726 pedalcyclists died in traffic accidents (this includes riders of two-wheel, non-motorized vehicle, tricycles, and unicycles powered solely by pedals). This is a six-percent increase from 2011 and a 15-percent increase from 2003.

This is why it’s essential that cyclists of all ages follow these 7 safety tips from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA):

1.) Wear a helmet. This is effective in preventing traumatic brain injuries, the primary cause of death and disabling injuries resulting from cycling crashes. Find more information on how to find the perfect and correct fit of a helmet, click here.

2.) Ensure your bike is properly working with all necessary safety functions working. This includes your tires, seat height, handlebars, wheels, and brakes.

3.) Ride wisely. Learn the rules of the road and follow them. You are just as responsible to abide by traffic lights, signs, speed limits and lane markings as others on the road.

4.) Be predictable. Act like a driver of a vehicle. Always ride with the flow of traffic and as far away from the road as is practicable and safe. Ride straight and do not swerve in a lane or in and out of traffic.

5.) Be visible. See and be seen at all times. This includes not wearing dark colors and ensuring your bicycle has reflectors on the front and back.

6.) Ride with care. Share the road. Make eye contact, smile or wave to communicate with motorists. Courtesy and predictability are key to safe cycling. Keep control of your bicycle: look behind you while maintaining your bicycle in a straight path; be able to ride with one hand on the handlebars and signal a turn (feel free to practice this in a parking lot or safe area).

7.) Stay focused and alert at all times. Never wear headphones. You need to be able to hear and be aware of things around you. Always look ahead and keep an eye out for obstacles in your path – potholes, cracks, railroad tracks, wet leaves, gravel, or anything that could make you fall.

For more information on bicycle safety, the NHTSA has great resources on their website for bicyclists.

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