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Elder Abuse

What Is the Difference Between Elder Abuse & Elder Neglect?

The main difference between elder abuse and elder neglect is usually intent. Elder abuse is when care providers intentionally harm patients, while elder negligence results from a duty of care breach. Some elder abuse cases can become elder negligence matters, especially when management fails to remedy the abuse. In this article, a Phoenix assisted living Read More…

What Are the Most Common Complaints About Nursing Homes?

Common complaints about nursing homes include poor food quality, sleep disruptions, social isolation, inadequate staffing, and elder abuse. While possibly harmless, these complaints could also signify abuse or neglect. Ensure you investigate any forms of mistreatment, especially if they result in physical or mental injuries. In this article, a Phoenix assisted living neglect lawyer discusses Read More…

Validity of Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements

Nursing home admission can be stressful and somewhat intimidating. There is an overwhelming amount of paperwork to sign and fill out.  Many soon-to-be residents and their loved ones have little or no idea that one of the standard forms in the admission packet is a “Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreement.” What is a Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreement? A Read More…

Elder Abuse Risk Factors

Elder abuse is prevalent across the United States and occurs every day here in Arizona.  In order to end elder abuse, we as a community must first understand the problem and learn to identify the risk factors associated with this devastating crime against the elderly. What is Elder Abuse? The Center For Disease Control (CDC) Read More…

Spotting Emotional Abuse of Elders

Elder abuse is at epidemic levels in the United States.  Elder abuse comes in many forms, including but not limited to physical, financial, emotional and psychological, and sexual abuse. Some elder abuse, like physical abuse, is easier to identify and treat than other types.  Emotional and psychological elder abuse are more difficult to detect and Read More…

10 Insider Secrets a Nursing Home Doesn’t Want You to Know 2022

There are currently over 1.5 million Americans living in a nursing home, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This number is expected to grow exponentially as baby boomers enter into retirement, leaving millions of families across the U.S. wondering how to find a safe nursing home and what they should know before Read More…

Elder Justice Act Reporting Requirements

As the population ages, concerns about elderly Americans continue to grow.  This is especially true in the areas of abuse, exploitation, and neglect.  Elder abuse often goes unreported as the victims of abuse fear retaliation, loss of care or financial assistance, or simply do not have the capacity to report their abusers.   The Elder Justice Read More…

How APS Helps Arizona Seniors

APS or Adult Protective Services is a state social services program that serves older adults who need assistance with everyday living and adults with disabilities.  APS workers investigate cases of abuse, neglect, or exploitation statewide.  APS workers assess a senior’s unique needs then develop a service plan to maintain his or her safety, health, and Read More…

What is the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index?

Elder abuse is a serious problem in the United States. It is likely to increase with the rise in the elderly population over the next ten years. There are numerous efforts to combat elder abuse as it becomes more evident in our society including the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index or EASI. The Elder Abuse Suspicion Read More…

How to Report Elder Abuse In Arizona

With more aging adults living with the help of caregivers, it has become increasingly important to inform the public about elder abuse.  To eradicate elder abuse, it is vital to understand the forms it can take, its common signs and symptoms, and how to report suspected elder abuse to the proper state authorities. What is Read More…

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