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Phoenix Assisted Living Abuse Lawyer

Nearly 1.4 million Americans reside in assisted living facilities, which are a cross between independent living and a nursing home. Residents need some help with the basics of life—bathing, eating, etc.—but remain mobile, aware, and healthy enough to otherwise fend for themselves. While ALF residents aren’t as vulnerable as nursing home residents, they are dependent on the ALF staff for some things.

Staff negligence and abuse often occurs and a Phoenix assisted living abuse lawyer is specialized to recognize the signs and help the victims. The somewhat better health of ALF residents can encourage some kinds of staff neglect, simply because:

  • The fact that residents are more independent in ALFs than in nursing homes may lull staff into inattention
  • Residents deteriorate during their time in the facility, and staff may not realize that a specific resident now needs more care

Regardless of their intentions, if staff members don’t do their jobs properly, the residents can be harmed, sometimes severely.

Of course, when the residents chose to enter an assisted living facility, it was precisely to avoid the danger of these kinds of injuries and abuse. If you or a family member has been injured by the actions of an ALF, contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer experienced in holding these facilities accountable under Arizona law.

Who Resides in ALFs?

What is most important in discussing neglect and abuse in the ALF setting is how many residents need assistance to perform basic tasks. According to the National Center for Assisted Living:

  • 62% need help bathing
  • 47% need help with dressing
  • 39% need help with toileting
  • 30% need help with bed transfer
  • 20% need help with eating

Assisted Living Neglect in Arizona

In understanding the damage that can flow from staff failures in living up to their responsibility, it can be useful to distinguish between neglect, in which the staff simply fails to do something it should have done, and negligence in the way that the staff performed when they did do things for which they are responsible. Examples of neglect include:

  • Failing to help the resident transfer from bed to chair each day
  • Carelessly assisting the resident on purpose
  • Failing to check in on the resident or provide them with the expected care

Arizona Assisted Living Abuse

In addition to the many ways that ALF residents can be harmed by neglect and negligence, they may suffer various forms of abuse at the hands of the staff. The three main kinds of abuse are:

  • Physical force to discipline the resident, retaliate for something the resident has done, or sometimes for sheer meanness
  • Emotional abuse, including insults, ridicule, or general harassment
  • Sexual abuse, which has elements of both physical and emotional abuse

Underlying Responsibility of Facility

Assisted living facilities know the abilities and needs of their residents and are responsible for protecting them from abuse and neglect. The liability of the ALF is often based on its selection and control of the staff entrusted with the care of vulnerable residents. Specifically, did the facility:

  • Employ enough staff members to adequately care for the residents
  • Adequately investigate the background of applicants before hiring them
  • Adequately train the staff it hired
  • Monitor the staff during the performance of their duties so that neglect, incompetence, abuse and the like is identified as early as possible

A significant part of monitoring includes monitoring the health of the residents. Neglect and abuse are most readily observable in the residents themselves: falls, fractures, bruises, malnutrition and other conditions indicate possible failings in care.

Help for Neglected or Abused ALF Residents

A Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyer at Knapp & Roberts is experienced in neglect and abuse cases involving care facilities. We understand the laws in Arizona and represent our clients with the passion, dedication, and financial resources necessary to achieve the results you deserve. We only get paid if you win your case against the assisted living facility. Call us today and tell us what happened to you or your loved one.

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