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Nursing Home Resident Rights in Arizona – Part 1

If a loved one is considering living in a nursing home or if he/she already does, there are certain rights you should know. First, any nursing home resident keeps all fundamental civil or human rights and liberties when they are admitted to a nursing home. Below is a list of other nursing home resident rights as provided by both federal and Arizona state statutes and rules.

Pre-Admission Rights
Before choosing a nursing home, you have rights as a prospective consumer. You may:
-Visit and tour the facility
-Contact the Office of Long Term Care (602-364-2690) and the State Long Term Care Obudsman (602-542-4446) for additional information about the facility
-Review the facility’s admission agreements and receive a written notice laying out rates of basic services, optional services and whether Medicare or Medicaid is accepted. ***For those already in a facility: Any changes in rates or services must be given via written notice 60 days in advance.

Admission Rights
– A nursing home must inform you of all of your rights, rules or regulations, including those relating to transfer and discharge policies. These must be presented in a language or manner that you understand – through both written and oral information available to residents and/or resident representatives
-Prior to signing any paperwork, you have the right to carefully review and understand all contracts and agreements presented to you
-The nursing home cannot require a co-signer for payment, but it may require a relative or legal representative to ensure payment from your income or resources.
-You cannot be asked to provide a down payment or security deposit if you are a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary

Basic Rights
Every resident has the right to:
-Be treated with respect and dignity, in recognition of a resident’s individuality and preferences
-Quality care and treatment that is fair and free from discrimination

Living Accommodations and Care
Nursing home residents have the right to:
-Express a preference in room and roommate and be advised in writing before any changes are made
-A safe, clean, comfortable, and home-like environment
-Receive care that enhances a quality of life, which includes quality food in the quantity needed
-The services necessary to attain or maintain the highest level of functioning

For more Arizona nursing home resident rights, read part 2 of this blog.

If these rights are not followed by a nursing home, you may file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Health Services. If a violation of these nursing home resident rights resulted in serious injury or wrongful death, contact the expert Arizona nursing home attorneys at Knapp & Roberts as soon as possible. You may set up a free initial consultation by calling 480-991-7677 today.

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