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Neglected Nursing Home Resident Left Bleeding on the Floor

Two nurses and a nurses aide in Queens, NY have been arrested for allegedly neglecting a 51-year-old physically and mentally disabled resident for 20 minutes as he lay on the floor bleeding, and then dragging him across the hallway to his room. It was all caught on a security camera, and although it is hard to watch, the video has been released to the public. You can watch that video below or continue reading to hear what happened.

This video starts by showing the resident lying on his back right next to the nurse’s station without anyone helping him, but it’s important to note that prior to this, he fell in front of Esohe Agbonkpolor, a nurse at the rehab center, and Agbonkpolor did nothing to help. This led him to lay there helpless for 12 minutes until nurses aide Emmanuel Ufot grabbed the injured resident by his arm and dragged him into his room.

About 25 minutes later, you see the resident, wearing a backless gown over his naked body, crawling from his room on his back, bleeding profusely from a wound on the back of his head and another serious wound on his jaw. You can see in the video that his gown is covered in blood. He laid like that for 20 minutes with Agbonkpolor and another nurse, Funmilola Taiwo, sat only a few feet away and ignored the resident. Eventually, you’ll see Ufot come back and grab the resident by the hospital gown, which was then twisted around his neck, and drag and drop him in front of his room.

The incident took place at Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Far Rockaway back in October, but before you draw any conclusions about this nursing home, it’s important to note that they are actually the ones who reported the abuse. The company that operates the home said it reviews surveillance video on a daily basis and contacted the attorney general’s office when they saw the abuse on tape. According to, Cardiff Bay Center LLC took over the nursing home in February 2013 when it was bankrupt and devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and immediately installed a video surveillance system and established a daily review protocol.

Fortunately this home has invested in technology and procedures to help protect their residents, but not all homes put money toward protecting those who can’t protect themselves. This is one of several factors your should look for when on a nursing home tour.

If your loved one resides in a nursing home and you suspect abuse or neglect, take action immediately. If the situation is serious, threatening, or dangerous, call 911 or the local police for immediate help. To report suspected elder abuse, neglect or exploitation in a home or long-term care facility in Arizona, call 1-877-767-2385.

You can also seek help from the following state government agencies:
Arizona Adult Protective Services
Arizona Division of Aging and Adult Services
Arizona Long Term Care Obudsman
Arizona Office of Attorney General
Arizona Office of Long Term Care Licensing (Nursing Homes)

Once you’ve reported the abuse to the authorities and appropriate government agencies, give the Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyers at Knapp & Roberts a call at 480-991-7677 or fill out our online form below for help. No one deserves to be abused and neglected, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to fight abuse and protect the elderly and disabled for more than 20 years. We will help you tell your story and work to ensure it doesn’t happen to someone else.

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