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10 of the Most Surprising Arizona Laws

Every state has unique laws, and many local ordinances surprise those who visit Arizona. Despite the fact that some areas still uphold outdated, excessively harsh, or even silly laws, it is important to know and follow these rules to prevent fines and avoid having to call your accident attorney.

Avondale Anti-Astrology Laws

If you plan to open a fortune-telling, tarot reading, or any other type of divination-based business, you will have to do so outside of Avondale, Arizona. A local ordinance prohibits anyone from providing fortune-telling or palm-reading services for compensation in the city, and doing so may result in a misdemeanor. This law also prohibits hypnotism, even if it’s free, except when performed by an accredited doctor or medical provider as a treatment.

Goodyear Anti-Spitting Law

Spitting is rude, but only illegal in a few places, and Goodyear, Arizona is one of them. By local ordinance, it is illegal to spit on the sidewalks, streets, and highways of Goodyear. Spitting outside of Goodyear city hall can even lead to a misdemeanor charge, punishable by a $2,500 fine, six months in jail, or both.

Buckeye Anti-Alias Law for Hotels

Many celebrities and notable figures stay in hotels under false names to prevent unwanted attention, but doing so is illegal in Buckeye, Arizona. Using a false name to register at a hotel is illegal, and so is hiring another person to register you under a false name. If you plan to stay at any Buckeye, Arizona hotel, be prepared to offer your real name.

Arizona’s Infamous Stupid Motorist Law

Since 1995, Arizona has recognized the Stupid Motorist Law to discourage drivers from engaging in dangerous practices during emergency situations. If a driver bypasses emergency barricades and attempts to navigate flooded roads, he or she may easily become stuck and require rescue. This drains resources from emergency responders during dangerous conditions, and any driver who ignores emergency barriers and becomes stuck is liable for the cost of rescue plus a $2,000 fine.

Surprise Anti-Aircraft Noise Law

If you are a property owner or real estate agent working in Surprise, Arizona, it is required by law to provide a potential buyer of any property in the area around Luke Air Force Base with appropriate sound-related documentation. A seller or agent must provide a potential buyer with a map that visually indicates the sound ranges of noises from the nearby Glendale Air Force base.

Litchfield Park Anti-Motorcycle Noise Law

Litchfield Park, Arizona has a local ordinance in place against “excessively loud motorcycles.” The noise limit for any motorcycle in Litchfield Park is 92 decibels, measured from 50 feet behind the motorcycle. By comparison, 92 decibels is about as loud as a passing subway train or shouting.

Glendale Glue Restriction

Certain types of glue and other adhesives can release strong fumes. Most people avoid these fumes when using the products responsibly. However, “huffing” is the practice of inhaling them purposely to get high. In Glendale, Arizona is it illegal for anyone under 18 to purchase certain glue products capable of releasing fumes with intoxicating properties.

Avondale Junk Dealer Law

If you own any type of scrap collection, junk collection, or pawn-based business in Avondale, Arizona, local law requires you to keep an accurate inventory of every item that comes into your business and wait three days before reselling it. This may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but the logic behind the law is to prevent stolen goods and illegal firearms sales.

Tolleson Anti-Searchlight Law

In Tolleson, Arizona it is illegal to operate any searchlight-type device capable of producing a beam of light longer than half a mile. The only exception is for approved uses such as emergency rescue missions or in the apprehension of a fleeing police suspect.

Arizona Cactus Protection Laws

Arizona takes wilderness preservation very seriously, and if you cut down a cactus in some parts of Arizona you could face as much as 25 years in prison. This would only be an extreme case, but some cacti require 75 years or more to grow a single arm, and damaging or vandalizing these plants can lead to hefty fines and jail time.

These are just a few odd laws in Arizona. Remember to always check the local ordinances for any place you visit or relocate to in the future to avoid fines and other penalties for things you may not realize are illegal.

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